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angel. massachusetts. 18. Muslim. i'm a queer Ugandan-American feminist who wants to end systematic oppression and stretch the boundaries of my mind until I've learned it all.
never assume, always question.
all praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger.
"verily, with hardship there is ease."~The Quran









As irritating as it is, it’s also very satisfying when ignorant guys on OKCupid (why is it always the dudes?) message me about being pro-queer rights and Muslim.

From his first message:

His reply to my essay/novel:

And I’m just sitting here like:

Oaky, messaging him the Joe Biden laughing gif was antagonistic. I admit it. I shouldn’t have done it.


I’m probably an asshole.

I definitely don’t care.

Awww, he wants to daaaaate meeeeeee. Too bad I don’t date assholes.

Aaaaaand then I blocked him.

There are literally books written on how in the 1940s or so, when scientists were studying penguins and realised they were sometimes flamboyantly homosexual, they were so horrified that the scientific community as a whole pretty much decided to pretend those observations didn’t exist.

Like, dude, this is not a new thing.

(also I love your face)

I love YOUR face!

Also, his example of “rasoola” is COMPLETELY fucked up, because the word is “rasooll’ullah” (or however you spell it) and it means “messenger of God (Allah).” The “a” at the end IS THE ENDING FOR GOD, and NOT the feminine “a” ending.

So he’s doubly-super-duper wrong.

But, well, ACTUALLY, the “-ah” ending of “Allah” is, to my knowledge, feminine - and the “Al-” beginning is masculine. Therefore, it’s the ONLY GENDERLESS WORD IN ARABIC (which is super-duper gendered), and indicates that God is both male and female, and neither male nor female.


Reblogging again for extra commentary.  I love it when you get all scholarly and kick bigot butt.

This is why
You two are my favorites.

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I sadly cannot get into my account on my computer so I created a new blog!
untamedfreebird followers please go to anuntamedbird!
I will follow everyone that I follow on this blog on the new one, and I hope my followers will head over there!
This blog is on hiatus from this point on.
I love you all!

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Somehow my password doesn’t work for tumblr anymore and I can’t access it/change it on my computer so now I’m freakin out.



the pro-life movement can be summed up by the fact that one of my friends who’s pregnant was taking the bus home from downtown when all the people from the March for Life were also leaving and she asked a young girl sitting in the priority seating if she could sit down because she’s pregnant and the girl replied, “well I’m really tired, i was at the march all day.”


Michael Sam, first openly gay Division I College football player and NFL draft prospect, reacts to being drafted by the St. Louis Rams (May 10, 2014) [x]

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"as pain wraps itself around your wrists
and the vines of worthlessness
curl around your throat
listen to the sounds of
the falling leaves
for they are hope
and love
and the doves
lay their nests
of hope
on your shoulders."

- hope on the leaves // A.N.

"Dear God,
if today I lose hope,
please remind me that Your plans
are better than my dreams"

- (via gezel)

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that “thirsty” dude hitting you up and checking up on you all the time is probably the dude that actually cares about you.

Oh shut the fuck up girls have no obligation to date guys just because they show basic kindness towards them, stop guilting girls into liking you back

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emotionally triggered/drained and I want to cry and pray and cry some more.

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"It’s always a trial
to roll out of bed
because the voices
in my head are begging
me to fight,
but I don’t believe
their cheap psychology.
My mom was worried
and asked if I lived
in the
or future;
I told her that I was
constantly replaying my past
and dreaming about the future;
I felt like my life was slipping
under me and there was
nothing I could do about it."

- It’s hard to get out of bed without a reason - j.b. (via youshouldacceptchaos)
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so i felt that i wanted to do some graphics in response to some other ones.

i feel that these are things that people should consider and i did try to do them in a very non confrontative way

if anything is grammatically wrong or language/words are wrong please let me know!  words are not the thing i’m very good at u_u

(the dragonuni was inspired by some Cuteosphere images bc she is really fab. oh oh and Brozoi inspired these as well!)

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